About Me

Hello! My name is Sourojit (pronounced show-row-jeet, IPA /ˈʃoʊ-rəʊ-d͡ʒit/) Ghosh, though I go by G, and I am a fourth year PhD Candidate at the University of Washington, Seattle in Human Centered Design and Engineering. I am a member of the Human-Centered Data Sciences Lab, being advised by Dr. Cecilia Aragon.

My research is centered around studying harm reduction in generative AI tools and redesigning such systems with a human-centered lens, as I explore questions of harm caused by existing GenAI outputs towards traditionally marginalized populations. My interests are situated in the broad space of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within designed systems, as I also incorporate into my work other topics such as advocating for supporting HyFlex modalities of learning to improve accessibility within the larger context of practicing radical inclusion in the classroom, and stronger and more accurate representation for low-resource languages in machine translation systems.

I completed my undergraduate education from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, receiving a Bachelor's in Computer Science with a minor in Creative Writing, and completed a Master's in Human Centered Design and Engineering. Outside of my academic interests, I am an aspiring writer and hope to someday have my own publication of fictional short stories!